Friday, August 14, 2015

2D Portfolio. More on the next page.

Dear readers, 
I love to draw and paint. Please tell me about your project. I am more than happy to listen. Let's make your project now with awesome visuals!

You may click on images, some offers higher resolution.

Most of these were created for GREE International Inc.  Shipped titles include War of Nations, Modern War, Crime City, Monster Quest. And Animation La Caja.
Portraits and characters were to convey a ready-to-fighter state, per art direction.

   Corrected colleague's design works to 
   raise the bar within the company

    Monster design for game, Monster Quest. 
   Animation sheet included.

    Environment design for game, Modern War.

     Animation,    La Caja    Coming in 2016
    More artworks will be posted once when it is allowed

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